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Proper washing techniques will help keep your tights in perfect condition.

To make your tights last longer, you should care for them the same way you care for other pieces of your wardrobe. Knowing how to wash your tights is critical to keeping them looking beautiful for as long as possible.

You have two options: washing by hand or by washing machine.

Most manufacturers recommend washing tights by hand, but many women prefer the convenience of machine-washing. If you choose to machine-wash your tights, you should remember that: the drum of the washing machine can cause fiber damage, especially during the spin cycle, while most powder detergents are often too harsh for our delicate underthings. As a result, garments can lose their shape and form. Mild washing liquids are a better choice than basic detergents, whether you’re hand-washing or machine-washing your tights.

A special hosiery/delicates laundry bag is also a good investment, when choosing to machine-wash your tights. It provides that extra layer of protection to keep your hosiery from getting tangled and stretched. When setting your machine’s washing options, choose “gentle” or “hand-wash” and skip the spin cycle.

The manufacturer, and we, recommend the first option: washing by hand. In general, tights don’t get dirty much, so they don't need to be washed in strong detergents. Just add a capful of mild washing liquid to lukewarm water, soak your tights for a few minutes, and rinse. Don't wring them, only gently squeeze the excess water. And you’re done! Just remember to take off all your rings and bracelets before handling your hosiery and make sure your nails are neatly filed. Even the slightest snag can lead to a run.

Drying is also an important aspect of proper care. Never put your hosiery into a clothes dryer. High temperature damages fibers, destroying the delicate structure of the product. Tights, stockings or thin knee socks should be dried by laying them flat, on a clean, dry towel.

If you follow these simple tips, your favorite tights – even the most delicate ones – will no longer be a disposable product (as it often happens) and will complement your most stylish outfits for months to come.