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UP&GO tights – the perfect choice for chilly winter days.

Winter weather will soon be upon us. Yet you don’t have to put away your short skirts and dresses for the season.

Thanks to Gatta Up&Go line of tights, wearing your miniskirt in freezing temperatures and falling snow need not be a scary proposition.

Up&Go tights are made of super-soft cotton with just the right amount of elastane to accentuate and define the curves of your legs. They are perfectly opaque and their matte finish provides for a slender look, which is quite significant when wearing thick tights. Rib patterns with elements of Scandinavian designs give the tights a “wintery” feel. Other versions offer subtle ribbed stripes for a more simple look.

Natural fibers of optimal thickness provide ultimate protection for the skin of the legs against the drying effects of cold, winter air. Thanks to the premium quality and composition of the material (81% cotton, 17% polyamide, 2 % elastane) Up&Go tights will not lose their shape and will retain their ideal look.

Gatta Up&Go tights are available in intense shades of graphite, as well as light beiges and greys. Thanks to the wide range of patterns and colors in this line, every woman can find her favorite winter tights.