About Gatta



Gatta is a Polish brand owned by FERAX (which is also the owner of Wola) – a leading hosiery manufacturer in Poland. Gatta's product collections are available in more than 130 retail outlets in the largest Polish cities and well-known underwear and hosiery shops. The brand has gained recognition not only in Poland. Gatta’s products are sold in other EU Member States (e.g. the United Kingdom or France) and Russia as well as in countries on distant continents, including the US and Australia.

A brand which pampers women

The brand is popular because it works hard on developing new technologies for manufacturing both tights and (in recent years) underwear and clothes. The success was also determined by the persistent search for solutions making Gatta’s products more comfortable to wear by women and at the same time giving a perfect look. 
Gatta flexibly responds to women's wishes, adjusting its products to the increasing and diverse needs. Apart from classic tights and stockings, we also provide slimming and cooling models, and models improving blood flow and preventing varicose veins. The range of our products has been extended to sports clothing, a collection of wedding tights and stockings, and a line of trendy swimming costumes. The company wants to meet the needs of every woman. It provides stylish tights and stockings for those who value classic elegance, and sports clothes for those who value physical activity. It offers solutions for demanding women who care about high-quality products, which are well-made and comfortable to wear.
Thanks to the identification of women's needs, the passion and commitment to the manufacturing process, the brand has been associated with high quality, fashionable designs and durable products invariably for years. Ferax’s efforts are valued by numerous customers, which is reflected in the fact that Gatta has been awarded the Customer's Golden Laurel multiple times.

A unique brand on the market

Gatta’s history goes back to the first stage of the transformation in the 1990s. In 1993 Ferax, Gatta’s owner, entered the Polish market. That was a crucial moment for the home hosiery industry and a milestone in its development. Over the subsequent years, when the brand was present on the market, Gatta continually made progress. The evolution was driven by the intense investments in modern machinery and reflected in the expansion of the brand into new foreign markets. Today the brand has a leading position among home hosiery manufacturers. Gatta is also proud of its clothing collections, which are continually extended, including sports clothing, underwear and swimming costumes.

About Wola

WOLA Hosiery Industry Plant was founded in 1945 as a public factory manufacturing gloves and thick knitted products. From the beginning, the factory invested in its development, successively increasing the number of machines and equipment and adding variety to the range of products. Gaining more and more experience in the knitting industry, the factory began to manufacture hosiery in 1951. By the end of the 1980s Wola entered the Eastern market and gradually started to win the German and French markets. At the beginning of the 1990s the rapid growth of the market and customer requirements forced the company to extend its offer with new products: socks and a wider range of stockings. In that period the manufacturing processes became computerized. Thanks to the new opportunities which were given by the new machines, the manufacture of cotton tights with textured patterns began. In 2001 we took another step in the extending of our offer as we started the manufacture of new terry socks and tights for children.
The year 2005, when the company was privatized and joined FERAX, the owner of Gatta, under the name Wola Sp. z o.o., is the latest chapter of the 69 years’ history of Wola. The new owners invested in the factory, making it modern and technologically advanced, with an extensive range of modern machinery and the most advanced yarn dyeworks in Europe. Thanks to these changes and the thoroughly modernization, Wola is today a leading company in the manufacture and sales of tights and cotton socks on the Polish market. Our export is flourishing. Our products are currently shipped to nearly all European countries.
At the moment Wola products include hosiery for children and adults: socks, tights and long underwear. They all are made of high-quality natural and synthetic materials, friendly to the child's skin.  The following certificates: "Safe for infants", "Safe for children"and Eko-tex, which proves that our products meet the highest standards, confirm the good quality.
Wola tights and socks are durable, pleasing to the touch and above all comfortable. The interesting designs following the latest fashion trends are their additional asset.

WOLA has also won many awards, for example, for a very good quality and innovativeness. In 2009 our company was awarded the Customer's Laurel for the second time and joined the Business Gazelles; it was also awarded the Quality of the Year and the European Standard.
These awards are even more precious as they are given by independent chapters, based on the questionnaires completed by customers. They show that WOLA has a stable position on the market and it is developing in the right direction.